How to use VNC to connect to your VPS and VDS


What is VNC and how does it work?

VNC or Virtual Network Computing is a platform allowing you to control a remote computer, server or other device. It’s typically used to control your remote instance via graphical interface, meaning you use your local keyboard and mouse to work on a remote computer. One example could be a customer support technician repairing a computer remotely, using customer’s graphical interface.

The transmission itself uses open-source Remote Framebuffer protocol, compatible with operating systems such as macOS, Windows and Linux. Remote Framebuffer protocol was built as an easy solution to a wide variety of systems and configurations, allowing greater capability than older protocols.

Although easy to set up and use, VNC is lacking in security in comparison to mainstream protocols, such as SSH or Windows Remote Desktop. That being said, VNC can be invaluable in a situation when you can’t connect to your server using standard methods. Our customers can use VNC when working with their virtual instance, VPS or VDS.