How to Use Plesk for Backups

Backing up your crucial data is one of the most important things to keep in mind when operating your own server (no matter if it is a VPS or a Dedicated Server). Several tools and approaches are available for that. 

Contabo offers S3-compatible Object Storage which can be used for backups of your data. Your files are stored in our Data Center with three redundancy disks in Ceph. That means three drives can fail at the same time without affecting data. 

In the following article, we explain how you can use the Plesk Backup Manager with our S3-compatible Object Storage to back up your server running Plesk.

Preparing your Object Storage

Before setting up a backup for your Plesk instance, we need to prepare our Object Storage first. To do so login to the Object Storage dashboard here

After successfully login in, click on Create Bucket to create a Bucket, in which you backups will be saved. It makes sense to give it a fitting name e.g. the servers name or the IP address of the belonging server so you won’t lose track of different backups in your Object Storage. If you want, you can even create some subfolders in this bucket but this is optional.