How to Run a Bitwarden Server on a VPS


In today’s digital age, passwords are more prevalent than ever. Many of us use social media, online banking and much more. All these accesses are secured with passwords, among other things. Ideally, you should use a different password for each platform, which is also long and contains special characters and numbers. With all these passwords, it is easy to lose track of them. This is where password managers come into play.

Bitwarden is a popular password manager, which is open source. There is a free as well as a paid version hosted by the company behind Bitwarden, or you can host a Bitwarden instance yourself. We will show you how to do that today.  

There are two ways to install a Bitwarden instance. If you plan to run only Bitwarden on a given virtual machine you should pick Bitwarden standalone variant. If you also want to use the server for a different purpose you need to use a “modified” Rust-written variant of Bitwarden. You can read more about “Vaultwarden” here.

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