Changing the partition layout of your VPS and VDS after installation

Sometimes, it is necessary to change your partition layout in order to create new partitions or extend an existing partition, for example after a VPS / VDS upgrade.

This tutorial shows how to easily change your partition layout on your VPS or VDS.

Please be advised to perform a backup of all important data before proceeding ! Changes to the partition table always bear the risk of complete data loss.


Step 1:

Boot your VPS / VDS into the rescue-system, this can be done within your customer control panel.

You will need to connect through VNC.

After you have established a connection login as “root”.

Step 2:

To perform changes on the partition easily we are going to use gparted.
To start the GUI type “startxfce4” within your VNC console and wait a few seconds until the graphical interface appears.