Installation of a graphical user interface for Your VPS Linux

All Linux-Server operating systems are installed by default without a graphical user interface (GUI). A GUI on a dedicated server can only be accessed if a KVM is connected.
This tutorial will guide you through an easy installation process of the two most common GUIs for Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS.
Please note that you will always have to create an additional user for your GUI login, since a login as root is not possible.
In order to access your GUI, you need to use your VPS VNC connection, or access your dedicated server via KVM. KVM access has to be ordered additionally for our dedicated servers, it is not included by default.
Also please be informed that VNC is NOT an encrypted connection method. We recommend to use xRDP if you plan on using your sevrer exclusively with a GUI.
Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04
Please connect to your server as root via SSH.
Create a new user for your GUI login and set a password:
useradd -m NewUserName && passwd NewUserName
Now you can install the Ubuntu-Dekstop GUI with the following command (the server will fetch updates, install the GUI, and reboot automatically):
apt update && apt upgrade -y && apt install ubuntu-desktop -y && init 6

How to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS?

To redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS , you have to create a .htaccess file under public_html directory and put some line of codes within the file.

You can do that easily via cPanel File Manager.
  • First of all Log into your cPanel and search for File Manager under FILES section.

  • File Manager

  • In the File Manager window that opens, click the Settings button at the top right of the page.

LEMP: Debian, NGINX + Certbot, MariaDB, PHP

This tutorial shows you how to prepare your Debian VPS for hosting your website.
We are not going to perform any fine-tuning or optimization on the default configuration files. So neither NGINX, MySQL or PHP (LEMP) will get any other than the necessary configuration changes in order to run a website properly.

1. Install the Software

NGINX, Certbot, PHP installation:
:~# apt install nginx python3-certbot-nginx php-fpm php-mysql zip unzip pwgen
MariaDB can be installed as follows:
:~# apt install mariadb-server
Installing MariaDB by using the default-package repositories might not install the latest version of MariaDB. For the latest MariaDB version visit Official MariaDB Repo and follow the instructions.

Plesk Obsidian: Try many new features for free!

The new Plesk Obsidian is available for quite a while now. Time for us to introduce it and, as the title of the posting suggests, make you aware of our exclusive promotion with Plesk:
You can try Plesk Obsidian one month for free in combination with every VPS and dedicated server at Contabo! Just select your preferred edition during the order process on in the section "Administration panel". Further information is also available on our dedicated Plesk info site.
But what are the new and interesting features of Plesk Obsidian? To be honest, there are quite a lot and it is virtually impossible to list them all in our blog. So we will just concentrate on a few of them, you are of course free to check the Plesk website for more details!

A Truly Great Boss is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget

A former manager of mine once told me, “If I am going down, you are going down with me.” That was in relation to having a bad sales quarter. From that point on, there was no need to pay attention to her. It becomes difficult to continue to feel passion for the job once you see a lapse in integrity in your boss. It only got worse from there, so I knew it was time to start planning my exit strategy.
Bad boss behaviors lead to poor employee engagement and high turnover. When you have a manager who treats you with respect and has your back, you are more likely to give your best and stay longer in a company, but when you have a bad boss, you're much more likely to be disengaged, suffer from anxiety and want to leave.
7 Worst Bad Boss Behaviors
These are complete deal breakers:
1.Micromanaging - This is the number 1 killer of creativity and innovation in the workplace. It fosters an environment of distrust as employees feel suffocated and confined. If you hired someone for a job, give them room to get it done.
2. Picking favorites - hiring and/or promoting the wrong people. They only recommend employees in their "inner circle" for assignments or growth opportunities. They surround themselves with sycophants or "yes" employees.
3. Taking the credit for employees' work or successes. - Bad bosses will do anything to look good including taking credit for the employees work or ideas. Self-promotion is their top priority. There is nothing more demotivating than working hard to earn something only to have it unfairly taken away. This causes employee engagement to plummet.
4. Ignoring feedback - Not listening - Some bosses don't admit mistakes. They take negative feedback personally and treat those poorly who give such. So onlooking employees learn not to say anything. Worst than asking for feedback is not doing anything about it.
5. Not standing up for employees - Throwing employees under the bus. It's demotivating working for a manager who does not stand up for their team. If someone makes a mistake they turn into judge, jury and executioner. They are quick to point fingers.

Webspace, VPS and Dedicated Server explained: Differences and applications

Time and again we receive inquiries asking which product is best suited for your personal requirements. In the following we would like to give you an overview of our products and their applications:

Webspace Packages:

Let's start with our Webspace Packages, which are ideal for hosting smaller websites, blogs and forums. The intuitive and simple menu navigation of the cPanel web interface allows even inexperienced users to navigate relatively easily. The Webspace Packages are suitable both for beginners who want to create their first own website and for experienced users who want to create a professional website.
More than 300 different PHP applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, MediaWiki or Bootstrap can be installed with the included 1-click installation tool. In addition, with the Contabo Website Builder we offer a possibility to create your own website without any previous knowledge required. You can choose from over 200 design templates that are already optimized for use on mobile devices and easy to customize.
Each webspace package also includes one or more domains free-of-charge, further can be added at any time. All websites are also equipped with a free SSL certificate.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation and Boost Your Bottom Line

Every business, no matter the industry, is going to have the occasional unhappy customer, and most customer complaints can be settled quickly and efficiently through a phone call or email. But the situation becomes increasingly complicated if the customer isn’t satisfied with your resolution and they leave negative feedback about your business online.
With one simple click, your reputation could take a huge hit. And your company’s reputation and bottom line go hand-in-hand. Customers have thousands of options when it comes to where they spend their money, and if they read a negative review, it’s easier to click away than it is to give you the benefit of the doubt.
The solution?
Establishing a reputation management strategy before a problem occurs allows you to effectively respond to complaints without having to worry about how they will impact your bottom line.

Creating a cPanel

Way to create a Cpanel
  1. Login to the WHM.
    WHM login
  2. Click Account Functions.
    Account Functions icon
  3. Click the icon Create a New Account.
    Create a New Account icon
  4. Under Domain Information enter the domain, username, password (twice) and the contact email address. 

Istoria Domain .TL

Country code Top Level Domain (sigla ccTLD) nudar estensaun (extension) ka letra hirak nebe kolokadu iha domain name nia kotuk.
Domain Name nee rasik nudar naran uniku iha mundu internet ho nian estensaun (letra iha kotuk) hodi reprezenta karater instituisaun dalaruma refleta mos paiz nia orijin.
Estensaun domain popular sira iha mundu internet mak hanesan .com ba komersial/kompania .net ba kompania IT & telekomunikasaun .org ba organizasaun no seluk tan. hanesan izemplu balun ba domain ho nian estensaun.
Ba Timor-Leste mak .tl (DOT TL) tuir rekezitu ISO 3166-1 Standart, nudar identidade Timor-Leste nian iha mundu internet. Estensaun domain ida ne'e mosu hafoin TL restaura nia independensia iha 20 Maiu 2002.
Iha periodu resistensia liu husi komponente resistensia no ativista soliedaridade internasional balun konsege hamosu estensaun domain .tp (dot tp) nudar akronimu ba Timor Portguese iha fulan Dezembru 1997, liu husi operador internet nebe ho nia baze iha Dublin, Irlandia, konteudu husi website sira ho domain .tp kuaze hotu-hotu ho materia publikasaun resistensia nian.
Liu tiha 20 Maiu 2002, TL nudar nasaun independente nebe hetan ona rekuinesimentu internasional, ho nune'e IANA (International Asign Number Authority) fo tan .tl ba TL, maibe ho estatu latutela ba ema ruma tamba estatutu .tp sei existe hela no tutela ba lider timorense Xanana Gusmao nudar kontaktu administrativu. Departamento IT hosi TL nian hato'o pedidu ba IANA iha loron 30 Augustu 2005 hodi halo alterasaun ba domain .tp hodi muda ba .tl.

Changing Name Servers of a Domain Name

  • To Modify Name Servers of your Domain Name
  •  STEP 1Log in to your control panel. Learn how
  •  STEP 2Navigate to the Order View.
  •  STEP 3Update the Name Servers.

In order to host a website on your domain name, you will need to obtain the Name Servers from the
Web Hosting company with whom you wish to host your website and point your domain name to these
Name Servers.

To Modify Name Servers of your Domain Name

Contact your Web Hosting Company and find out from them the Name Servers you need to use.
If you have purchased Web Hosting for your domain name through LikisaHost, then you need to set the 
Name Servers as specified by LikisaHost.
STEP 1:Log in to your control panel. Learn how
STEP 2:Navigate to the Order View.
Search the domain name for which you want to change the name servers and select the domain
 to view the order information.
If the domain name is Locked/Suspended by LikisaHost, you will have to first unlock/unsuspend 
it before proceeding further.

Configure DNS Settings For Your Domain

In order to start using email services on your Domain, it is essential that the correct Mail Exchange (MX) records are added to your DNS settings. These MX records must be created on the authoritative Name Servers of your Domain. If you do not have the necessary access privileges to create these records, you must ask your DNS manager to do so for you.
Usually, the Registrar with whom your domain name is registered, or the company that hosts your website should be able to do this for you.
For the complete list of all the required DNS records (including MX records), refer Mail >> DNS Configuration in your email hosting control panel (Dashboard).
Once these MX records have been added

8 Bad Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave

It’s tough to hold on to good employees, but it shouldn’t be. Most of the mistakes that companies make are easily avoided. When you do make mistakes, your best employees are the first to go, because they have the most options.
If you can’t keep your best employees engaged, you can’t keep your best employees. While this should be common sense, it isn’t common enough. A survey by CEB found that one-third of star employees feel disengaged from their employer and are already looking for a new job.
When you lose good employees, they don’t disengage all at once. Instead, their interest in their jobs slowly dissipates. Michael Kibler, who has spent much of his career studying this phenomenon, refers to it as brownout. Like dying stars, star employees slowly lose their fire for their jobs.
“Brownout is different from burnout because workers afflicted by it are not in obvious crisis,” Kibler said. “They seem to be performing fine: putting in massive hours, grinding out work while contributing to teams, and saying all the right things in meetings. However, they are operating in a silent state of continual overwhelm, and the predictable consequence is disengagement.”
In order to prevent brownout and to retain top talent, companies and managers must understand what they’re doing that contributes to this slow fade. The following practices are the worst offenders, and they must be abolished if you’re going to hang on to good employees.
They make a lot of stupid rules. Companies need to have rules—that’s a given—but they don’t have to be shortsighted and lazy attempts at creating order. Whether it’s an overzealous attendance policy or taking employees’ frequent flier miles, even a couple of unnecessary rules can drive people crazy. When good employees feel like big brother is watching, they’ll find someplace else to work.
They treat everyone equally. While this tactic works with school children, the workplace ought to function differently. Treating everyone equally shows your top performers that no matter how high they perform (and, typically, top performers are work horses), they will be treated the same as the bozo who does nothing more than punch the clock.
They tolerate poor performance. It’s said that in jazz bands, the band is only as good as the worst player; no matter how great some members may be, everyone hears the worst player. The same goes for a company. When you permit weak links to exist without consequence, they drag everyone else down, especially your top performers.