Creating a cPanel

Way to create a Cpanel
  1. Login to the WHM.
    WHM login
  2. Click Account Functions.
    Account Functions icon
  3. Click the icon Create a New Account.
    Create a New Account icon
  4. Under Domain Information enter the domain, username, password (twice) and the contact email address. 
    Domain Information section
  5. In the Package section select the package your have already created.
    Package selection
  6. Settings is where the theme and language of the cPanel can be set.
    Domain Information section
  7. Under DNS Settings choose which nameservers will be set in the records and the SPF and DKIM records that will be held in the local DNS nameserver tables.
    DNS Information section
  8. Select how the mail is to be handled under Mail Routing Settings.
    E-mail Routing section
  9. Click Create.
    Create button
If it is a successful create it will say Account Creation Complete!!!...Account Creation Ok...Done. Then you would be able to login to the new account through the new cPanel's domain (e.g. or through the server's IP address with the cPanel port (e.g. 123.456.789.098:2083).


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