Connect to remote VPS on Linux


One of Linux's most appealing features is the ability to skillfully use a computer with nothing but commands entered into the keyboard—and better yet, to be able to do that on computers anywhere in the world. Thanks to OpenSSH, POSIX users can open a secure shell on any computer they have permission to access and use it from a remote location. It's a daily task for many Linux users, but it can be confusing for someone who has yet to try it. This article explains how to configure two computers for secure shell (SSH) connections, and how to securely connect from one to the other without a password.


When discussing more than one computer, it can be confusing to identify one from the other. The IT community has well-established terms to help clarify descriptions of the process of networking computers together.

  • Service:
     A service is software that runs in the background so it can be used by computers other than the one it's installed on. For instance, a web server hosts a web-sharing service. The term implies (but does not insist) that it's software without a graphical interface.
  • Host: A host is any computer. In IT, computers are called a host because technically any computer can host an application that's useful to some other computer. You might not think of your laptop as a "host," but you're likely running some service that's useful to you, your mobile, or some other computer.
  • Local: The local computer is the one you or some software is using. Every computer refers to itself as localhost, for example.
  • Remote: A remote computer is one you're not physically in front of nor physically using. It's a computer in a remote location.

Now that the terminology is settled, you can begin.

Activate SSH on the host:

All our VPS comes with SSH installed and ready to connect over SSH

Start a secure shell:

Now SSH is installed and enabled on your VPS, you can log in to your client area then navigate to VPS control panel to get IP, username and password of the VPS

To SSH into the remote host,you can use the below mentioned command:

ssh <VPS username>@<VPS IP>

then hit enter and insert your password when required


We explained here to to connect to your VPS over SSH using data provided in your client area such as IP address, username an password


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